2018 Week in Review: Week 1

2018 Week in Review: Week 1

Even though we’re into the second week of 2018 already, this somehow feels like the first “real” week of the year to me! Anyone else? With New Year’s Day falling on a Monday, last week felt more about getting back into routines, especially since I was fortunate enough to have Tuesday off from work as well. While I felt like I started the year off strong last week, this is when the rubber really starts to meet the road.


If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed I participated in Jen Esquer’s mobility challenge last week which was awesome. I will definitely incorporate many of the stretches she shared into my regular routines. Jen is the real deal with a huge passion for mobility. I highly recommend you check out her work!

2018 Week in Review: Week 1

Beyond that, this week was all about YOGA! One of my goals for this month is to take thirty classes, so I’m spending a lot of time on my mat. This was particularly true last week as the temperatures didn’t cooperate for me to get outside and run. Things are warming up a bit here in Michigan (forecasted highs in the 50s by Thursday!), so I am looking forward to mixing things up.

Monday: yoga (60 minutes).

Tuesday: sweet heat yoga (60 minutes).

Wednesday: hot yoga (60 minutes).

Thursday: rest day!

Friday: hot yoga (60 minutes). This was probably the first class in quite some time that I truly felt strong throughout the entire flow. Inconsistency in my practice, and fitness routine in general, often meant I was struggling. More classes than not felt like my first time on the mat, especially in the hot vinyasa style. But, I could feel my inner yogi making a comeback and it’s incredibly encouraging.

Saturday: rest day. I actually planned on two classes in the morning, but woke up with a terrible migraine and ended up laying low for the majority of the day.

Sunday: hot yoga (60 minutes) and yin yoga (75 minutes).

What I Ate

I will be the first to admit that meal planning is not my strength. I am trying to be more intentional about having food prepared so that I’m not eating out as much. While this won’t be a technical meal planning section, I do plan on touching on my nutrition from the week and sharing some recipes I tried.

Breakfast: despite the fact that temperatures remained solidly in the single digits and teens, I drank smoothies almost every day. Every few days, I’ve brewed some extra coffee that I keep cold. I’m using about 3/4 cup dark chocolate almond milk and 1/4 cup cold coffee for the liquid base, and it’s absolutely delightful. The extra little caffeine boost on these dark winter mornings doesn’t hurt either.

Lunch: I’m obsessed with having an everything bagel topped with half an avocado, nutritional yeast, and garlic salt.

Dinner: I tried Cookie and Kate’s roasted butternut squash soup and loved it. The recipe calls for one large shallot, but I found that wasn’t enough. Since I only bought one, I did add a little white onion. Since shallots are much more mild flavor, that wasn’t ideal, but worked in a pinch.

Snacks: I made a batch of Gimme Some Oven’s no bake energy bites to snack on throughout the week. I used maple syrup instead of honey or agave because it’s what I had.

Weekly Weigh-In

I really debated on if I wanted to touch on weight (and weight loss) efforts on this new space. In the seven years I wrote at Just A One Girl Revolution, I started to feel like a broken record on the subject: lose some weight, get too comfortable with the progress and fall back into old habits, gain the weight back, recommit and repeat. That cycle became particularly clear to me as I was going through all my old posts.

But, I feel like I’m in such a different place with my weight right now. While I still have some I would like to lose, for the first time in possibly my entire adult life, I’m comfortable in my own skin. As a result, I’m developing a much healthier relationship with food and fitness. I’m no longer eating to dictate what the scale says, I’m eating to fuel my body. I’m exercising not to burn calories, but to give me energy, to build muscle and flexibility, to keep my body healthy. All of those things that I teach as a health coach and personal trainer, I’m finally able to actually hear and believe in my own life.

So yes, while I do hope to reach a particular weight loss goal this year, the weekly weigh-in is more about the accountability. I don’t think it’s worthy of a separate post as I used to write it. It’s simply an area to touch base and check-in on that goal. Because, I’m telling you right now: 2018 will be the year that I finally reach my initial goal from back in 2006. I have never been so determined or certain of this.

Last week: 162.4
This week: 157.2 (-5.2)
To goal: 24.2

As awesome as this number looks, I know it is a lot of water weight. I finished up holiday celebrations in the days before my last weigh-in. As a result, I felt bloated and overly full from so much indulgent food and adult beverages. While I was completely discouraged last Monday to see a number back in the 160s, I knew it wouldn’t last. I’m still up a few pounds from where I was before the holidays. But, I feel confident I’ll get back there quickly. I’m riding that New Year’s motivation wave as long as can!

Your Turn

How did you do with the first week of 2018? Leave a comment and let me know something you’re proud of in your health and fitness journey over the past week.

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