2018 Week In Review: Week 39

2018 Week In Review: Week 39

As I work on improving my mental health, one area where my therapist and I are focusing is to break away from my typical “all or nothing” mindset. Although the last year and a half has been more on the nothing side, prior to that I was working out anywhere from five to seven days a week. Not to mention, there were days where I’d double up by going for a run before a hot yoga class for example. As I ease back into feeling more like myself, my therapist is encouraging me to be okay with three or four days a week for now. It feels manageable and sustainable. There’s room to grow from here.


Monday: Orangetheory. During the treadmill section of class, we have three paces – base, push, and all out, all basically what they sound like. We did a LOT of all out bursts and it was intense. I knew going into class what was coming and had time to mentally prepare myself. Up to this point, my fastest all out was at 7.6 mph. I wanted to push myself in the last thirty second sprint. My goal was 8.0 mph, but I surprised myself by getting up to 8.6! I don’t think I could have held it for much longer, but it just goes to show that we’re all capable of more than we think. 30 splat points, 604 calories burned.

Tuesday:  Orangetheory. My legs were spent after so many sprinting bursts yesterday, and I was not excited to go for all outs again! There’s a power walking option and while I started running, I switched about halfway through the treadmill portion of class. Because nothing says pleasant on tired legs like walking on inclines! 19 splat points, 587 calories burned.

Wednesday – Friday: Rest days.

Saturday:  Orangetheory. Yes, again. I don’t really love morning classes, but this is what fit in my schedule and I need to take three a week for the Transformation Challenge. I was barely hanging in there for the last ten minutes of class; it was such a great booty kicking. 30 splat points, 629 calories burned.

Sunday: 2 mile walk. I felt like I was starting to come down with something, but wanted to get some movement and fresh air. I grabbed my phone and ventured out for a walk. It was really lovely.

2018 Week In Review: Week 39


Last week was a bit all over the place! I had a couple work lunches which always makes planning easier. Breakfasts were primarily CLIF bars. I try not to eat those daily, but I was feeling really uninspired and smoothies just weren’t cutting it. The highlight of my meal planning was a batch of jambalaya from the Peas and Thank You cookbook. I use the Field Roast Italian sausage – if you haven’t tried this brand yet, you’re missing out! They make grain-based meat substitutes that are a staple in my kitchen.

What about you? What was your favorite workout or meal of the week? Leave a comment and celebrate a healthy decision from the last week!

2018 Week In Review

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