2018 Week In Review: Week 40

2018 Week In Review: Week 40

Although I’m not yet working out much each week, it feels really good to get into a routine after such a long stretch of doing so little. As I shared last week, my goal is three or four days a week for the time being. I’m doing an eight week transformation challenge at my local Orangetheory which requires three classes a week to stay in the running; that accountability is incredibly helpful. Although three or four days a week is a far cry from where I was, it’s where I am now and that’s okay. My therapist and I are working on me taking on manageable goals to redevelop habits and consistency, both in fitness and in life. In the coming month, my goal is to get in four workouts a week and grow from there.

But, for now, let’s talk about this week!


Monday – Tuesday: Rest days. I was sick with what one of the physicians I work with thinks was West Nile. It’s running rampant where I live and the symptoms are pretty similar to the flu, which is what I assumed. Whatever it was, I was down for the count. I stayed home from work on Monday and basically didn’t leave my bed.

Wednesday: Orangetheory. It was an ESP (endurance, strength, and power) day. Hills! So many hills. We did some running at an incline and then walked at an even higher incline (for me, 5 and 10%, respectively). I have a love/hate relationship with hills, both on the treadmill and outside. They’re hard, but I know it makes me that much stronger. The worst part about doing them on the treadmill is that you don’t get to see the physical progress when you reach the top! For strength training, we used mini-bands to add resistance for walking lunges and side-steps; my glutes were on fire! 15 splat points, 561 calories burned.

Thursday: Rest day.

Friday: Orangetheory. It was a strength day (and an 80s playlist day which was a blast)! We did a lot of hills and faster runs on the treadmill, and heavier weights on the floors. I was really proud of myself for grabbing 15 pound dumbbells for some of the exercises – the heaviest I’ve used since starting at OTF in July! It is incredibly encouraging to see tangible progress. 18 splat points, 570 calories burned.

Saturday: Rest day.

Sunday: Orangetheory. It was another ESP day! We did a lot of strength exercises that focus on the back and shoulders in this workout. These are weaker muscle groups for me, so this felt particularly challenging! 20 splat points, 564 calories burned.

Food and Nutrition

I made a batch of sweet potato and black bean burgers which is one of my favorite recipes. I didn’t have enough quinoa, which is a little pathetic because it only calls for a third of a cup. I substituted rice as it was the only grain I had in my cupboard. It changed the texture slightly, but they’re still really good. I also have a solid obsession with cookie dough energy bites and have made a batch every week or two.

Now that we’re solidly into fall weather here in Michigan, I’m excited to make some roasted veggies in the weeks ahead! I have a butternut squash sitting on my counter just waiting to be eaten. I tend to get in food ruts and eat a lot of the same recipes time and time again, but I’m itching to add to my repertoire.

What about you? What was your favorite workout or meal of the week? Leave a comment and celebrate a healthy decision from the last week!

2018 Week In Review

Photo credits: Nathan Cowley, kaboompics

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