2018 Week in Review: Week 4

2018 Week in Review: Week 4

The name of the game this week was easing back into my workout routine. After the flu knocked me down for about two weeks, I was careful not to overdo things. I could tell, especially on my first run, that I still have a good amount of chest congestion. I didn’t want to push too hard and get sick again.


Monday: rest day.

Tuesday: BODYSHRED week 1, workout 1 (30 minutes). Although I didn’t include it in my “official” goals for the year, I really want to work my way through this program in 2018. I don’t plan on doing it as designed – six days a week for eight weeks – but, simply to make it to that last workout. I may not get optimal results, but that’s not my big concern.

2018 Week in Review: 4

Wednesday: ran 1.7 miles (21:48; 12:45 pace). I planned on running longer, but this was my first strong reminder that my lungs are not quite yet healthy. I ran about a mile and walked the rest.

Thursday: rest day.

Friday: ran 2.0 miles (23:14; 11:25 pace). Although slow, I was proud that I ran this whole distance without walking. I have a lot of work to do if I want a half marathon PR, but I’m putting in the work.

Saturday: ran 3.0 miles (34:23; 11:27 pace).

Sunday: hot yoga (60 minutes). In the name of transparency, this class was brutal because I had a hangover. I spent a good chunk of time in child’s pose (and that is 100% okay!). Although class itself wasn’t enjoyable, I did feel a lot better after which was a pleasant surprise.

What I Ate

I could tell I wasn’t back to my normal self quite yet because my appetite was low with a heavy reliance on bagels – cinnamon swirl with peanut butter and jelly or everything with avocado, nutritional yeast, garlic salt, and Sriracha. The highlight of my cooking efforts I did make stuff for tacos which lasted me most of the week. Although I didn’t follow a recipe, my filling included tempeh, mushrooms, onion, and this homemade seasoning. If you’re still buying the seasoning packets, you’re doing it wrong. This mix is so easy and comes without all the chemical additives of the packets.

Weekly Weigh-In

Last week: 156.2
This week: 155.0
To goal: 22.0

If I’m being honest, I am completely surprised that I’ve lost weight every week so far this year. I certainly haven’t tried! But, I’ve had less alcohol and junk food. Those empty calories make such a difference. I am all for indulgences, but they were too frequent in the last few weeks of 2017. Although my diet is still a bit lacking in the fruits and vegetables department, I’m getting back to where I’d like to eat consistently. And, it feels really good. Right now, I need to lose half a pound a week to meet my goal. I’m hopeful to keep some momentum going for these next few weeks and be more in the one pound a week range. I know the closer I get, the slower I will lose and I want to give myself a buffer.

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