2018 Week in Review: Weeks 2 and 3

2018 Week in Review: Weeks 2 and 3

My goal is to write these posts weekly, but the flu bug hit me hard near the end of week two and I had a feeling I wouldn’t have much to say for week three. (That ended up to be absolutely true.) So, I opted to combine the two. As it is, I still feel like I don’t have much to say!


Week two: I took four yoga classes during the week. I was finally starting to feel strong and in the yoga groove! At work on Friday, I could tell I was getting sick and debated going to class. I opted for it, hoping the movement and heat would help. It did not. I woke up Saturday morning completely miserable. I spent the next four days alternating between my bed and the couch. I knew it was bad when I didn’t have the energy to pick up a book. I think I watched more television during those four days than I would over the course of a usual month.

Week three: Absolutely nothing. By the end of the week, I started to feel better, but my energy was still incredibly low. I fatigued quickly, so focused on recovery rather than returning to workouts. As much as I’m laser focused on my goals this year and want to cut the excuses, I also know I need to listen to my body. I haven’t felt this sick in a really long time. I gave myself grace and took care of my body. Sometimes that means rest and that’s 100% okay.

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What I Ate

For the first part of week two, I was still working through food from the week before! I knew I was getting sick near the end of the week when I started to crave orange juice and oatmeal – two things I wouldn’t otherwise want. Once I was sick, I had very little appetite. Between that and the low energy, I opted for a lot of easy foods like bagels with peanut butter or smoothies.

Weekly Weigh-In

Last weigh-in: 157.2
Week two: 157.0
This week: 156.2
To goal: 23.2

Weight loss was far from a priority while I was sick and rightfully so. I just wanted to feel healthy again and that’s where I put my energy (what little I had). So, a pound over two weeks is absolutely fine. Heck, even if I weren’t sick, this would still be absolutely fine! This rate keeps me on track to meet my goal in 2018. Because I will meet my goal in 2018. I’ve let this particular goal drag on for far too long. It’s time to make it my reality and not just a pipe dream.


What about you? Leave a comment to celebrate a health and wellness WIN you had last week!

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