5 Podcasts to Listen to While Running

5 Podcasts to Listen to While Running

For years, I listened only to music while I was working out. I curated some killer running playlists. I can crush a finely tuned balance of driving rock beats and energizing pop ear candy. I’ve listened to podcasts in my day-to-day life for a couple years now. However, it’s only in the last six months that I’ve turned to them while I’m exercising. In part, it came out of necessity. I subscribe to far more than I can ever listen to, so any chance to stay caught up is a win. Particularly when running, I find podcasts so much more enjoyable. I can focus on the conversation rather than thoughts like “just run to the end of this song.” Podcasts are a cornerstone of my fitness routine now! These five shows help the time fly.

The Brain Candy Podcast: if you’re a fan of MTV’s Road RulesReal World, or The Challenge, you may already be familiar with the hosts for this podcast, Susie Meister and Sarah Rice. I’m quite confident that Susie’s season of Road Rules was the first I watched of the series. I vividly remember thinking how much I just wanted to be her friend. Here we are, almost twenty years later, and that’s still true. I have been binging on the early episodes during this marathon training season. Susie and Sarah certainly help the miles pass by faster. On the show, they touch on a wide range of topics, ranging from pop culture to more serious issues like fertility and pregnancy.

The Balanced Blonde // Soul on Fire: Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde hosts this podcast. While topics vary from week to week, the heart of each episode is how to live with intention and passion for your life. In other words, how to live with your soul on fire! Since the early part of this year, I’ve really dipped my toes into the ideas of intuition and manifestation. Jordan and her guests have taught me so much. I’ve followed Jordan since her blog was The Blonde Vegan, and it’s fun to watch her evolve and grow.

The Lady Gang Podcast: hosted by Jac Vanek, Keltie Knight, and Becca Tobin, this podcast is like a catching up on life with your girlfriends over a boozy brunch. Or, in my case, a sweaty few miles. But, this way I don’t have to worry about contributing to the conversation. (To be clear, I’m just not great at talking and running. It’s not that I don’t love talking with my girlfriends.) Much like The Brain Candy Podcast, these three feel like friends, not strangers hosting a podcast. As a longtime Glee fan, I particularly love getting the inside scoop on the show with guests like Heather Morris and Lea Michele. They, along with Becca, share a lot of behind the scenes information.

The Model Health Show: host Shawn Stevenson is a leading voice in health and nutrition. His podcast touches on a wide range of topics in the field, ranging from the myth of fat-burning foods to the history of sugar. The only downfall of listening to this podcast while working out is that I can’t take notes on all the great information from Shawn and his guests. As a health coach and personal trainer, it’s not surprising I would enjoy this show. But, I think he and his guests present the information in a very easy to understand way.

Ask Me Another: this quiz show from NPR is a great way to keep your mind occupied during a tough workout! I have so much fun trying to answer the trivia questions along with the contestants. There is a celebrity guest each episode as well, and those interviews are usually fun. Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! is another NPR quiz show I love. It’s great option if you keep up with the headlines, as their questions are based on the news from the current week.

For more podcast recommendations, check out my top five.

Podcast junkies, what else should I listen to? I am always looking for new shows!

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