A Self-Love and Empowerment Playlist

A Self-Love and Empowerment Playlist

Growing up, I was an avid music lover. I had hundreds of CDs as a teenager and constantly made playlists. I sang all the time and spent almost all of my disposable income on concerts. For the past several years, though, I listened almost entirely to NPR and podcasts. A few years out of grad school, I missed the mental stimulation of education. And so, I used my listening time for news and podcasts, admittedly some a bit fluffier than others.

Recently, as I started figuring out what makes me come alive and feel like myself again, I realized how much I missed having music in my life. I started listening to music in the car rather than NPR. I pulled up my music around the house and when heading out for a run. Slowly, my love of music reignited.

With this, I thought sharing monthly playlists might be a fun series to start. While I don’t anticipate a theme every month, the songs I keep turning to right now are about self-love and empowerment. It started with a couple songs when I needed a boost to feel like I could kick the day’s ass, and it quickly grew from there.

The 24 songs on this month’s playlist span just under 90 minutes and are in no particular order. I have some brand new bops and a few classics from the early aughts. I included everything from Taylor Swift’s newest single, the song that inspired the whole playlist, to one of my favorite Switchfoot songs. Admittedly, it’s pop-heavy and almost entirely female. But, I can’t listen to this self-love, empowerment playlist without feeling like I can conquer the world. Or, at the very least, have a kickass day. 

What’s your favorite song for the days when you need a strong dose of empowerment?

Photo credits: Miguel Á. Padriñán (Pexels)

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