August 2018 Goals

August 2018 Goals

As solid evidence I’m still struggling to get back to some normal routines in my life, we’re a third of the way through August and I have yet to share my goals. Oops. The best laid plans, right? I started writing this post at the end of July and never finished! Looking at the bigger picture of life, I’m trying so hard to get back to feeling like myself. I took a big step in that direction today, one that I’ll talk about soon enough. Vague, I know. But, I’m not 100% ready to share and even if I were, this post isn’t the time or place.

July 2018 Recap

  • Run a sub 9-minute mile. No. Not even close! I’m honestly still struggling to run a mile without walking, let alone at that pace. This goal may have been a bit ambitious.
  • Finish two books in my “currently reading” pile. Yes and no. I did finish two books, but neither were in the “currently reading” pile, but rather ones that I started from the beginning. The real intention was to get back in the habit of consistently reading, so I consider this a success.
  • Finish my “about” page. Not at all – I didn’t even touch it.
  • Start studying for my NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialization exam. Yes! It wasn’t very much, but it’s a start.
  • Register for CPR training. Yes! I registered for the entirely online version, so I can do it all from the comfort of my couch and at my own pace. I’m through a couple modules already.
  • Create memories and cherish the fun moments. Yes! I had a blast at the Cubs/Tigers game – it was a dream come true day. I laughed so hard at Jerry Seinfeld’s show and enjoyed dinner with some friends.

August 2018 Goals

Admittedly, since we’re a third of the way through the month, I’ve already made some progress and I know these feel achievable, even

  • Run a 5k without walking
  • Attend 8 OrangeTheory Fitness classes
  • Attend 4 yoga classes
  • Finish 6 books, two from the “currently reading” pile
  • Finish my “about” page
  • Attempt the NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialization exam
  • Complete my CPR/AED/First Aid training

Your turn! What’s one of your goals for the month?

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