February 2018 Goals

February 2018 Goals

Happy February! Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow or will we get an early spring? I’m always hoping for the latter, especially after a couple days in January that were a taste of spring! More importantly, did January feel absolutely endless to anyone else? Goodness gracious. We’re on to a new month and more importantly, a month with baseball! Spring training starts in a couple weeks and I’m stoked. But, let’s get down to business with a quick look at how I did on my January goals and setting some intentions for the month ahead.

January 2018 Review

With the energy of the new year, I started strong this month. Then, the flu hit. I haven’t been that sick in a really long time and I lost about two weeks of productivity and movement.

Take 30 yoga classes. I made it to my mat 11 times.

Run 20 miles. I logged 6.7 miles.

Dry January. It was more of a Damp January. In truth, my real intention was to scale back and I was successful in that regard.

Lose 5 pounds. Yes! As of Monday’s weigh-in, I was down 7.4 pounds from the start of the month.

Redo my budget. Yes, but with some reservations. In effort to simplify, I combined several line items and I think I overdid it. I’ll likely continue tweaking this over the next month or two.

Research online savings accounts. Done! I couldn’t find anything that matches the interest in my current checking account, so I’m keeping things there for now. As my opportunity fund grows, I may look into other options like a CD or similar short-term investments.

File my taxes. This was actually scheduled as a February goal, but I did get it done, so I’m adding it as an accomplishment!

Finish six books. I finished three (Bitten By a Camel: Leaving Church and Finding God, The Bright Hour: A Memoir of Living and Dying, and Always). I am about halfway through the fourth Game of Thrones book.

Three days without using the snooze button. This happened zero times, but I am getting better about only hitting snooze once, which is major progress.

Develop one health coaching program. No. I feel lost and overwhelmed with this. I have ideas, but I’m struggling with how to put it all together into comprehensive and successful programs.

Develop an editorial calendar for Facebook. No and I don’t know if this is a priority at this point. Facebook changed their algorithm, so it will be a lot harder for pages to get traction without sponsored posts. I still want to grow my business page, but I’m uncertain how to do so at this time.

February 2018 Goals

I am 99% recovered from the flu and ready to get my head back in the game. I continue to struggle with that balance of setting goals that are achievable and wanting to accomplish all the things. I’m trying to make progress in this area, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet. Still, I’m excited for this new month and to see what can happen in only 28 days.


Take 8 yoga classes. All of the classes I took during the first part of January left me feeling so strong and flexible. I want to maintain that.

Run 40 miles. This is really low for where I should be with a half marathon in late April, but it’s also a considerable jump from my nearly non-existent miles for the last nine months.

Do 10 BODYSHRED workouts. This equates to about a week and a half of the program as it is designed. I’d love to follow a bit closer to that design, but I’m also being realistic about my priorities.

Swim 2 times. I’m doing a triathlon in June and need to start getting in the pool. Swimming is my weakest link and I want to see improvement.

Lose 4 pounds. This feels a bit ambitious given I had a larger loss in January, but a pound a week feels very doable.


Stick to my food budget. I’ve gone over budget the last few months between eating out over the holidays, restocking quite a few staples, and lack of planning.

Do not register for any races. While I have a lot that I’m eyeing for 2018, I want to feel a bit more solid in my training before I make those investments. Races aren’t cheap and if I’m going to participate, I want to be able to run them well.


Finish reading the Game of Thrones series. I have half of A Feast for Crows and all of A Dance with Dragons left to – it equals about 63 pages a day which considerable. But, I’ve been working through this series for almost a year already and I’m anxious to move onto the show! The books are incredible, but certainly not quick and easy reads.

Meditate daily. I started getting back into a meditation habit in January. I forgot how beneficial it is to my anxiety and overall well-being.

Spend less time staring mindlessly at my phone. Fellow iPhone users, did you know you can see how many hours you’re spending on each app both in the last 24 hours and last week? I’m a bit (okay, incredibly) horrified at what my numbers look like. My most used app is Instagram with 7.9 hours in the last week! Nothing on Instagram is that interesting, guys.


Write 12 blog posts. I considered a daily post challenge so I could get back to some consistency, but I also want quality over quantity. Averaging three times a week feels like a really good balance.

Start studying for my Fitness Nutrition Specialist exam. With my personal training certification, I need continuing education credits. While I considered some kind of group fitness route, this felt most in line with my health coaching and the direction in which I want to go.

Your turn! Leave a comment and let me know how you did with January goals! What’s a goal you have for February?

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