Grand Rapids Triathlon Training: Week 1

Grand Rapids Triathlon Training: Week 1

Despite the fact that I deferred my spring races – a half marathon and a 25k – I still have a sprint triathlon on the calendar for early June. While the thought of the two road races didn’t light a fire in my soul, I am genuinely excited for the triathlon. Last week, I started an 11-week training program that allows me to start slow and ease into training. I am taking a bit more flexible of an approach to the plan. While I want to stick to it as prescribed as much as possible, my biggest priority is simply getting the workouts done. For example, there are a few weeks that the plan calls for swimming workouts on Wednesday and Friday, but the pool isn’t open those days. So, I’ll rearrange those weeks. I feel like I have a strong enough base level of fitness that switching things around as needed won’t be the end of the world.

Thanks to this newfound motivation, I started back at day one with Jillian Michaels 8-week Bodyshred program. I’ve lost count how many times I started level one of this program over the last couple years. But, somehow it feels different this time. I feel different this time. After a really hard year, I finally feel like I’m coming alive again and it feels damn good. I know that as my triathlon training program gets more intense, I may not keep up with the six days a week for this program, but my goal is to finish it by race day. That would allot three extra weeks to finish. Ideally, I will stick with the program as designed for as long as possible.

Week 1 Recap

Grand Rapids Triathlon Training: Week 1

Monday: Bodyshred Launch (1/56). Launch workouts target the “push” muscles – chest, triceps, shoulders, quads, and core. It includes a lot of pushups which I find miserable, but I know they’re so effective.

Tuesday: ran 1.41 miles (10:39 pace) and Bodyshred Rise (2/56). Rise workouts target the “pull” muscles – back, biceps, glutes, hamstrings, and core. I find the pull muscle days to be a bit easier, so I try reaching for my heavier weights throughout the workout.

Wednesday: biked 22 minutes (5ish miles) and Bodyshred Cardio (3/56). For whatever reason, my Garmin wasn’t calculating the distance on bike mode. Rather than trying to figure it out or start over in run mode, I just went with it. Based on my usual speed and the route I took, I know it was somewhere around five miles.

Thursday: swim 500 yards and Bodyshred Launch (4/56). My training plan called for 200 yards, but I feel like if I’m going to make the effort and spend the money to get in the pool, I want to do at least 500 each time. I should have timed my swim, but didn’t think about it until after the first few laps.

Friday: a glorious rest day! As Bodyshred incorporates one rest day a week into the program, this still counts as day five.

Saturday: ran 1.5 miles (10:52 pace) and Bodyshred Rise (6/56). When I first walked out the door, it was starting to rain so I turned around and went right back inside. I had flexibility in my day that I could run later when it was less miserable, so I took that option. I don’t actually mind running in the rain, but not when it’s in the 30s and windy.

Sunday: Bodyshred Cardio (7/56). I had plans to bike and go to yoga as well (all the fitness!), but Easter celebrations threw off my day. I was really tempted to skip everything, but felt proud for getting something done.

Week 2 Plans

Swim: no workouts planned

Bike: 6 miles and 8 miles

Run: run 15 minutes and run 20 minutes

Bodyshred: week two (six workouts and one rest day)

Due to spring break, I’m forced a bit off schedule this week. The pool I swim at is closed so they can do some maintenance while the students are gone. I felt a little discouraged because I’m starting so strong and want to keep the momentum! But, I’d rather it happen now than in week eight of training. I can make up for lost time now.

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