Grand Rapids Triathlon Training: Weeks 2 and 3

Grand Rapids Triathlon Training: Weeks 2 and 3

A more accurate title for this post would be Bodyshred Recap: Weeks 2 and 3, as actual triathlon training was almost (but, not entirely!) nonexistent. I knew that swimming was not an option during week two because the pool was closed during spring break. Weather was a slight factor, as I wasn’t going out to run or bike during the weekend ice/snow storm this last weekend. Beyond that, I have little to lean on other than flimsy excuses. I was fighting off a cold, but nothing that really prevented me from getting outside. Yes, it was cold, but it’s Michigan. (But, that said, if spring weather could actually arrive, that would be great.)

All that said, though, I am really proud of how well I am following Jillian Michaels’ Bodyshred program. As I said in my week one review, over the years, I have started and stopped this program so many times, and rarely following it as designed with the six days a week schedule. Something about this attempt really and truly does feel different. As I write this post, I finished my first workout of week four just hours ago. I feel strong and I can see my body changing ever so slightly which is encouraging. The strength and endurance I’m gaining will only benefit me as I dive back into triathlon training and on race day.

Week 2 Recap

Largely, there wasn’t much commentary to add to these workouts. The launch workouts focus on push muscles (chest, triceps, shoulders, quads, core) and rise on pull muscles (back, biceps, glutes, hamstrings, core).

Monday: Bodyshred Launch (8/56).

Tuesday: rest/sick day. I knew that I could have done my workout, but my energy levels were minimal. I knew that taking a day to get some extra sleep and recover would benefit me more in the long run than a workout where I wasn’t giving it my best effort.

Wednesday: Bodyshred Rise (9/56).

Thursday: Bodyshred Cardio (10/56).

Friday: Bodyshred Launch (11/56).

Saturday: Bodyshred Rise (6/56).

Sunday: Bodyshred Cardio (7/56).

Week 2 Recap

With the same format as weeks one and two of Bodyshred, amplify focuses on push muscles and escalate on pull.

Monday: rest day!

Tuesday: Bodyshred Amplify (15/56). In all my attempts at Bodyshred, this is only the second time I progressed to the second level. I vividly remember getting so frustrated the last time that I cried. The jump in intensity between weeks two and three is notable. But, because this time is different, I approached the first workouts with a different mindset. I focused on just doing my best in each thirty second interval. Giving myself that grace made all the difference. That said, it was still incredibly hard, but I survived without shedding any tears.

Grand Rapids Triathlon Training: Weeks 2 and 3

Wednesday: Bodyshred Escalate (16/56). The HIIT intervals in this particular workout feature more burpee variations than I knew were possible. Can I talk about how much I do not enjoy burpees? They’re an incredibly effective exercise, but they are so hard!

Thursday: swam 500 yards (17:50; 3:34/100) and Bodyshred Cardio (17/56). Swimming is hard, guys. But, I did feel a little stronger than I did two weeks ago, so at least there’s a little progress!

Friday: Bodyshred Amplify (18/56).

Saturday: Bodyshred Escalate (19/56). I felt so proud of myself for finishing this one, because it’s the furthest I’ve made it to date. With each passing workout, my determination to finish gets a little stronger.

Sunday: Bodyshred Cardio (20/56).

Week 4 Plans

Getting my nutrition back on track is just as much a focus now as my fitness. While triathlon training is minimal, this is the first time in over a year I’ve stuck to working out five or six days a week for this long. But, I know to really maximize my results, I have to clean up my diet so that it’s more plant based vegan and less junk food vegan.

Swim: 1,000 yards

Bike: 6 miles and 8 miles

Run: 20 minutes and 30 minutes

Bodyshred: week four (six workouts and one rest day)

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