Introducing MJN Wellness

Introducing MJN Wellness

This is such a long time coming and I am so excited to finally “officially” launch my health coaching business. Today, I am introducing MJN Wellness to the world. Since I earned my health coaching and personal training certifications, I have taken a very casual approach to coaching. (Casual, but more accurately, borderline non-existent.) I battled the imposter syndrome, believing that I didn’t have what it takes to build this business in an already saturated market. And yet, I know I can change lives – I am my own first client! I am ready to dive in and change lives for the better with my unique approach to health.

MJN Wellness represents my belief that movement, joy, and nutrition cohesively create our overall wellness. I work with my clients in a three pronged approach, focusing on lifestyle and behavior changes, to achieve health goals. Through one-on-one health coaching, I aim to educate and empower my clients to achieve their goals and live a healthier, happier life.

What is MJN Wellness?

Movement is our daily activity! Yes, I believe we should all incorporate exercise into our lives – I advocate for at least thirty minutes of intentional fitness five to six days a week. Yet, movement is more than just exercise. We are not designed for sedentary lives! Experts from the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic, and more agree that sitting too much, as we are prone to do in this current culture, is bad for our overall health. 

Joy represents the more intangible aspect of wellness, encompassing things like mental health, relationships, and spirituality. We can have picture perfect movement and nutrition, but if all the behind the scenes stuff isn’t right, then we don’t experience true wellness. 

Nutrition is more than just what we are eating each day. It is looking at our relationship to food, food sourcing, organics and non-GMOs, and the list goes on. So many of us, particularly in a diet-centric culture, unwittingly have a toxic relationship to food. But, it doesn’t need to be that way! I believe that the majority of diets set us up only for short-term success. What we eat should be a sustainable approach to food. I do work from a plant-based lifestyle, but understand that not everyone is ready to fully commit to that standard. 

Wellness is what we discover when we incorporate movement, joy, and nutrition into each day. Progress and honest effort are crucial to living healthy and whole lives.

The path to wellness is unique to each individual. Let’s work together to discover your path!

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