It’s Been A Minute

It’s Been A Minute

Once again, it’s been a minute since I wrote. To be exact, a minute lasting two and a half months. I last shared this playlist IN MAY that played on repeat most of the summer, thus far. I never intend to disappear, it just…happens. Sure, I haven’t had much say, at least that’s what I thought. It’s been a summer of considerable inner work and figuring out my junk. Who I am, who am I becoming, that sort of third-life crisis kind of stuff.

I miss blogging’s “old” days. Not so much the publish two or three posts a day of meals. That’s a trend that can stay gone. But, the days when it wasn’t about SEO, analytics, and the stuff that blogging turned into in recent years. Add in microblogging on apps like Instagram and and long form interviews on podcasts, and it feels like there’s less space for this part of the Internet.

I find that I come here when I have something “real” to say – the big, heavy posts. Something beyond the character restrictions of Instagram. But, I really miss writing. I’m a writer at heart. So, I want to be more intentional about finding myself here. Typing on actual keys and looking at a screen bigger than the inches of my phone. I’ll never be a big blogger or an influencer, and I don’t really want to be. (Well, maybe a little.) I just want to share my heart and words.

That’s what I’m going to be more intentional about. Not coming here solely for the BIG thoughts. Just for the life. The writing for the sake of writing. For the hopes that it might resonate with someone, but personally for the pure freaking JOY of doing something I love. I let a lot of things I love fall to the wayside in recent years and I’m reclaiming them. Here, in this little corner of the Internet, I’m making a claim for returning to old school blogging. Maybe it will just be me and that’s okay. Because this space was for me from day one and that’s where I am returning.

So, hi. Welcome back to basics.

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