January 2018 Goals

January 2018 Goals

Yesterday, I wrote about my word of the year and some related goals. I can’t even begin to express how excited I am about this new year. I’ve craved this new beginning for weeks. While I fully believe that any day is the perfect time for a fresh start, there is something so powerful about the first days of a new year. Call it cheesy or cliche, but I love this opportunity to set intentions, to dream big, and to think about the future I want to manifest. But, for now, it’s time to talk about my January 2018 goals!

Reviewing December Goals

Before I talk about this month, it’s time for a quick review of how well I did with last month’s goals. I may have been a little too ambitious for the holidays, especially ending a year that wasn’t my best. While I didn’t see as much success as I would like, I think it getting back in the habit was a helpful practice going into 2018.

Drink 30 ounces of water a day. Success! I think I hit this goal every day!

Thirty minutes of daily activity. This was a complete fail. I worked out maybe three times total.

Run 3 miles without walking. Given that I didn’t even go for one run that was three miles, this didn’t happen.

Finish the new website. This was a bigger undertaking than I anticipated. I made a lot of progress that I’m incredibly pleased with, but have a little more to do. Granted, websites are a never ending project as there is always more that can be updated and improved.

Increase my social media following. Overall, a success. My goal for Instagram was to increase from 1,211 to 1,250 and I’m at 1,271. I was slightly shy of my goal for Facebook, though. I wanted to increase from 827 to 850, and I’m at 844. Admittedly, these were all arbitrary goals, but I’m proud of the growth, especially during the holidays.

Finish A Storm of Swords and read half of A Feast for Crows. I finished Swords, but only got a couple hundred pages into Feast. Although I didn’t make as much progress on that book, I did also read What Light by Jay Asher and almost all of Bitten by a Camel: Leaving Church, Finding God by Kent Dobson.

Write more and write freely. Yes! It feels really great to do some old fashioned journaling. As much as I love this space, it’s not where I want to share everything that’s on my heart.

Get back into meditation. Yes! Although I didn’t meditate daily, I did on many days. It was a particularly helpful practice as I spent time thinking about 2018 and what I want this year to look like.

January 2018 Goals

Each month, my plan is that most of my goals will lead me to success in my goals for the year. Makes sense, right? I haven’t always done well with that correlation. But, I am determined to kick some serious ass in 2018 and that’s going to require a lot of intention (hence, the word for the year) and focus.


Take 30 yoga classes. My studio is doing a “bingo” challenge for the month and one of the squares is to take thirty classes. I really want to fill the whole board so I can be entered into a drawing for a free year long membership!

January 2018 Goals

Run 20 miles. Yoga is my priority for the month, but I need to start logging some miles. Given that I haven’t really run in a couple of months, this seems more than sufficient. Plus, we’re solidly stuck with temperatures in the single digits and teens here in Michigan right now and that’s just a little too cold for me. Mad props to those that get out there, but hard pass.

Dry January. The fact that I really don’t want to do this is probably a good sign that I should, especially after the indulgent holiday season.

Lose 5 pounds. Honestly, this feels a little like a softball. On Monday, the scale was higher than I would like, but I know (hope!) it’s a lot of water weight and bloating after a weekend of indulging.


Redo my budget. I have some ideas for breaking my current budget down a little differently, especially after listening to a recent episode of the Manifestation Babe podcast.

Research online savings accounts. While I have a savings account with my credit union, I’d like to have a second where I can truly set aside an opportunity (rather than emergency or rainy day) fund. I know there are some options out there with a decent interest rate and I’d like to have something that’s not as easily accessible.


Finish six books. This feels a bit high, but it’s also cold and miserable outside so it’s a perfect opportunity to curl up and read. In the spring and summer, I’d much rather be active and outside!

Three days without using the snooze button. Technically I didn’t use it today, but that’s because I turned my alarm off and went back to bed. That’s not quite what I have in mind! But, it’s the last day of my long weekend, so I’m calling it balance. Three days doesn’t seem like many but I couldn’t tell you the last time I didn’t hit snooze.


Develop one health coaching program. I am 100% committed to growing my health coaching business this year. In the past, I felt discouraged because there are so many MLMs that dominate the market. But, I know I can use my unique story, experiences, and education to make a difference. I have a lot of ideas for various programs, I just need to sit down and make them a reality.

Develop an editorial calendar for Facebook. I don’t want my Facebook business page to just be place where I share blog posts, but it can be challenging to get traction, especially with their constantly changing algorithm. I want to have themes like Motivation Monday to have some consistency.

What is one of your goals for the month? Do you use an online savings account? I’d love some recommendations!

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