July 2018 Goals

July 2018 Goals

In so many ways, the things that make me feel the most myself went to the back burner over the last eighteen months. I tried now and then to get back into old routines, but halfhearted attempts at best are certainly not a recipe for success. Ironically, I’d write goals in hopes it would help me refocus. If I was working toward something, that certainly had to help me feel not quite so lost, I reasoned. So, I’d write some goals but with no real intention or thought behind what I wanted to achieve. I even said as much in my May goals post, but as soon as I hit publish, those goals were a distant memory.

Now, as I finally – really and truly – start to feel like I am putting myself back together, I find myself craving routines and chasing dreams again. I have a tendency to reach for big, audacious goals and that is great…in the right season of life. For now, I need to be okay with dreaming a little smaller and setting myself up for success. I could sign up for a fall marathon, or even a half, but that’s not where I’m at these days. More importantly, I’m realizing that’s completely okay.

July 2018 Goals

  • Run a sub 9-minute mile. With a goal for a massive 5k PR this fall, I’ve started working on getting my speed back. At my fastest, I was consistently around the 10-minute mile range, but that was in a season when I was training for half marathons. As I focus on a shorter distance, I hope that my pace will improve.
  • Finish two books in my “currently reading” pile. Since childhood, reading has been one of my biggest pastimes. I almost always have a book with me. But, it was one of the first habits to go as I fell into the funk that seemingly dominated my life. I’d read a few pages and realize I had no idea what I actually read. So, I’d dive into a different book with hopes it would be more engaging. As a result, I have at least half a dozen books sitting on my nightstand, just waiting to be finished.
  • Finish my “about” page. Since I halfheartedly relaunched my site back in December, I’ve had a long list of posts I want to write, programs I want to create, and pages I need to update. It’s time to start actually working on that and making this health coaching dream a reality. This is an easy place to start and I hope it will motivate me to create more in this space.
  • Start studying for my NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialization exam. I need to take this by October. I haven’t touched my textbook since March.
  • Register for CPR training. My certification lapsed last fall and when I re-certify with NASM, it needs to be up-to-date. I’m not even aiming to take the course this month, simply get it on the calendar.
  • Create memories and cherish the fun moments. For the first time in a long time, I have a several things I am looking forward to this month. A couple big highlights including a Cubs/Tigers baseball game and a Jerry Seinfeld comedy show, but I’ve also got dinner plans with friends. I spent far too much of the last year and a half simply going through the motions. That’s not a life I want to look back on fondly. I want to make the most of each day I get on this planet. It’s not financially sustainable to fill my calendar with the big events all the time, Yet, I know having things, big and small, to look forward to helps keep me excited about what’s ahead.

There’s a general theme around my goals this month. Beyond previously about dreaming big, long term goals like marathons, I usually aim to do all the things along the way. It wouldn’t just be enough to run the sub 9-minute mile, but also run fifty miles, take ten yoga classes, and cycle a hundred miles. Finishing two books wouldn’t be enough, I’d want to finish everything and then a few more. Update the about page and developing three coaching programs. You get the picture.

What this season of grief taught me is that it’s okay to slow down. Necessary, even. I’ve always focused on achievement, for as long as I can remember. While there are times I thrive on that, it’s not a healthy or sustainable way to live. I grieved my grandma’s passing, but in every sense of the word, I was completely exhausted. I needed this time to slow down, to turn inward, and to reset. I’m grateful for that. But, I’m ready to end that chapter and start a new one.

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