Let’s Celebrate National Yoga Month

Let’s Celebrate National Yoga Month

Yep, there’s a national month or day for everything under the sun at this point.  But, September is National Yoga month and it is falling at the absolute perfect time. Lately, I find myself craving more time on my mat. More time to flow, to focus on my breath, to simply be still at the end of a practice. Perhaps it’s because summer is so busy, but for me, I think it’s more about wanting to reconnect with myself, my body, and my soul. Through all the mental health struggles of the last couple years, I feel distant from myself. I know that yoga is easily one of the best ways for me to find that connection again. For September, I am committing to spending time on my mat every day for the next thirty days. Want to join me? Let’s celebrate National Yoga Month together!

How it will look for me is surely going to vary from day-to-day. I have a membership to a local studio that I don’t utilize enough, so I want to walk through those doors with more consistency. Other days, it may look like a few sun salutations in the morning or a meditative flow before bed. What I love about yoga is that it can – and, perhaps, should! – look a little different each day.

What my mind, body, and soul need today in the middle of a relaxing holiday weekend is different that in the middle of a stressful work week. I long to practice in the studio, in the comfort of my home, and even outside for the chance to breathe in some fresh air, crisp with fall.

While I am fortunate not only to have a studio I call home, I know that not everybody does. There are some amazing resources available online that I love, if you need somewhere to follow along.

My Favorite Yoga Resources

My dear friend Katie is a wonderful yoga and meditation teacher. She has a YouTube channel called TriYoga with Katie. One thing that I really love about her videos is that she creates videos with a yoga flow, but also ones to break down various poses so we are practicing in a way that won’t harm our bodies.

Yoga with Adriene is a popular YouTube channel. Adrien has hundreds of videos and hosts monthly challenges for fellow yogis. The focus for September is rebirth. This idea is beautiful anytime of year, but I’ve always found this month to be a particularly wonderful opportunity for new beginnings. 

I recently discovered the Boho Beautiful channel and it is quickly becoming a favorite. The videos are soothing often with stunning scenery, and the flows are short, often about twenty minutes, which is perfect for when I’m short on time.

As a runner, one of my go-to videos is this 45-minute flow targeted for those seemingly always tight legs. I tend to click play on this video more when I’m in the trenches of training for a longer race, but it is still a great option even now when I’m logging shorter runs most days.

Do you have other yoga resources you love? Leave a comment and share!

Photo credit(s): Samuel Silitonga; Chan Heang

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