Life in the Time of Coronavirus

Life in the Time of Coronavirus

I started 2020 on such a strong note with my blog and business. For that first ten days, I wrote consistently. I had the New Year’s energy. Then, life happened. I was sick. And then, I was really sick. Possibly with COVID-19, but more on that later. By mid-March, I felt better but as the coronavirus pandemic really started to take hold here in the United States, it didn’t feel like an appropriate time to jump back into a health coaching blog.

So, I waited. Over a month later, the virus still has a stronghold on the country and now it’s just life in the time of coronavirus. This isn’t going away, so there’s no time like the present to write again.

So, hello from my couch! I’m laughing because my last post was about my 2020 goals — many of which the pandemic are putting out of reach. Travel out of state and go to baseball games? At this point, I’ll be happy if there is any kind of baseball season period, let alone be able to attend a game. Like many, I find my motivation lacking most days. I have moments where that frustrates me, but by and large I’m trying to give myself grace in this season if my productivity isn’t as high as normal.

Don’t get me wrong. I had grand ideas for what I could do with my life during these weeks. Little of it has happened (although I am flying through some great books!). The best things I’m doing for myself these days are to be okay with what each day looks like and get outside for a long walk or run most every day. To the former, some days just getting out of bed feels like an accomplishment! I am certainly battling my depression and anxiety, to say the least. 

My Sacred Six – Daily Habits

On a more practical level, I’m consciously leaning into six simple things each day that I know help me feel better (my Sacred Six, something I learned from the amazing Amy Young).

Taking my medications. This is without a doubt the most important. My antidepressant and Vitamin D are so crucial for my wellbeing.

Daily movement. Long walks and gentle yoga flows are where it’s at for me these days! My lungs are still not great from when I was sick and so I’m intentionally easing back into a more intense fitness routine.

Hydration. My caffeine intake is higher than ever, but I’m trying to get in a lot of water, too. In “normal” times, I aim for a gallon a day, but right now, even the standard recommendation of 64 ounces feels good.

Journaling. Even a few minutes of free writing helps me get into a better head space. It’s helping me work through some of the anxious thoughts in my mind. 

Reading. I’m always an avid reader, but getting lost in a fictional world is a great escape.

Keeping my home clean. If my space is messy, it only increases my anxiety. I make my bed each morning. At the end of each day, I started taking ten minutes to put away clutter, wipe down counters, and so on.

So, I’m easing back into some semblance of “normal” life. Whatever normal means these days. What I do know is that in all of this down time, I’m starting to feel myself truly come alive again in ways I haven’t for a very long time. It ebbs and flows, for sure. But, the fire is in my belly. I can’t wait to let it roar.

What are you doing in terms of true self-care as we face this new normal?

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2 thoughts on “Life in the Time of Coronavirus”

  • I’m moving in some way every day, usually a walk and at least (usually much more) 7-10 minutes of yoga, although many days it’s more than that. I ditched tracking my food and water, and while I’d like to think I’m eating intuitively (I know I’m doing a lot of snacking and not always reaching for the healthier options), I am just eating without stressing about portion sizes, calories, macros; it’s literally one fewer stressor. I’m intentionally not setting any goals because I don’t want to get caught up in looking too far into the future at the risk of being disappointed. I’m just controlling and doing what I can do now.

  • So good to see you back. Exercise and fresh air are essential to me. Not to mention staying in my routine as much as possible (which is to say… not much…) Please keep writing – I love having your voice out there.

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