My 2019 Theme and Goals

My 2019 Theme and Goals

I am so excited to talk about my 2019 theme and goals, but first some backstory. In the lowest points of my grief and depression over the last (almost) two years, I started living a small life. This was a recent realization as I started to find myself inching toward the other side of that struggle. For much of the last decade, if not longer, I loved accomplishing one goal and reaching for the next bigger thing. I thrived on a jam packed calendar between social activities, exercise and training for my next race, and staying involved in the community. But, the deeper I fell into depression, the more I withdrew. Over time, I went from dreaming big to feeling and living small in my goals, using my voice, and the way I lived my day-to-day.

I spent the last days and weeks of 2018 reflecting on what I accomplished for the year and dreaming about the year ahead. In that, I started longing to unfold, to spread my wings again. There are still certainly days were I find myself curled back into the fetal position, not able to get out of bed, but they’re not so frequent. As I imagined the potential of 2019, I started getting the itch to throw myself back into life, but with one big difference. For years, my motto was to dream big, which is great. But, dreaming alone isn’t satisfying anymore.

In 2019, I’m ready to live big. Many people use a world to ground their year, but a word didn’t feel sufficient. I needed more. In time, I settled on my 2019 theme: live bigger and bolder. Follow along on social with the hashtag #livebiggerandbolder and use it yourself so I can see how you are living a bigger and bolder life in 2019!

With that, I have several goals for the year, many of which that equally excite and terrify me. I recognize that my goals are a lot to take on and the risk of burnout is high. But, the desire to dive into living the kind of life I want to live again, the kind of life that makes me feel alive, is worth the risk. So, here’s what I want to achieve in 2019.


  • Finally hit my initial goal weight of 133 and be done with this broken record.
  • Run the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon, aiming for a 13.1 PR
  • Run the River Bank Run, aiming for a 25k PR
  • Finish the Grand Rapids Triathlon 70.3
  • Ride the 80 mile route at the MSU Gran Fondo
  • Finish IRONMAN 70.3 Traverse City
  • Run the Grand Rapids Marathon, aiming for a 26.2 PR
  • Run/walk 2,019 miles for the Run The Year challenge
  • Take 100 yoga classes
  • Take 100 Orangetheory Fitness classes


  • Pay off three debts (a credit card and two student loans)
  • Rebuild my emergency fund to at least $1,000
  • Earn at least $1,500 in coaching and/or freelance writing

Coaching and Writing

  • Do a fitness photoshoot for some great content to share on social
  • Hit 10,000 followers on Instagram 
  • Average 10,000 page views a month
  • Write a published piece for a major media outlet, either print or online


  • Start volunteering somewhere meaningful to me
  • Apply for my alma mater’s alumni board
  • Travel someplace new
  • Attend a Major League Baseball game
  • Read 100 books

Yes, it’s a lot. But, sweet baby Jesus, I am so excited about this year. I haven’t felt this fired up for life in a really long time and it feels good. Sure, the glimmer of the new year is still strong and the excitement will fade. That’s inevitable. But, I feel like 2019 truly holds the potential to be the best year of my life yet and I want to live in such a way to make that my reality.

What is one of your goals for 2019? Do you have a theme or word for the year?

Live Bigger and Bolder

Photo credits: pixabayTejas Prajapati

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