New Beginnings

New Beginnings

From the time I was little, I loved writing. My elementary school “published” our books and I still have my literary masterpieces from those years. In high school, I had both a Xanga and a livejournal because apparently just one wasn’t enough. So, as the healthy living blog community started growing, it felt like a natural progression to share my voice. That space was a great fit for me for years, but in time, it wasn’t working any more. I needed some new beginnings. But, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Looking Back

I started writing my old blog, Just A One Girl Revolution, in May 2010. At that point, I was almost four years into my healthy living journey. I had lost a bunch of weight already, but had gained quite a bit back the year before as I tried to balance a full load of classes finishing my master’s degree and working a full-time job. I hoped that sharing my journey to lose that weight, and hopefully more, would keep me focused on my goals. In the early stages as a runner, I had run a few 5ks and slogged through one 10k, but a marathon was simply a pipe dream. I was new to a vegetarian lifestyle, having given up meat that February. All around, I was in the very early stages of my healthy living journey.

As time went on, I gained a passion for nutrition and fitness. I enrolled in courses to earn my certifications as a health coach and a personal trainer. But, over time, I realized that my personal blog no longer aligned with the professional vision I saw for my future. I was proud of what I had created and the opportunities that website afforded me, but it wasn’t the right fit for the next stage of my career in the health field. I didn’t know how to transition that into the vision I had for myself. It was at least a year, if not more, of feeling uncertain about how to proceed.

Where Things Are Now

I spent a lot of time this summer and fall doing a lot of behind the scenes work to figure out the next steps. I poured over old content, unsure what to do with what I had written over the last seven years. But, in the early days, much of the healthy living blogging space was about sharing daily meals. That meant writing a post a day, sometimes even more frequently, with a lot of food pictures. While I absolutely loved it at the time, it wasn’t valuable or worthwhile content. I deleted over 1,500 posts and kept only a select few. Most of the content that remains is race recaps, along with a few posts that still felt relevant. One that still feels particularly powerful in my journey is about the power of running in a sports bra.

In my personal health and wellness journey, I am currently down about eighty pounds, although I haven’t been consistently stepping on the scale. That, in and of itself, speaks volumes coming from someone who used to weigh myself daily. I feel my more confident and comfortable in my body than I ever have.


It has been almost a year since I committed to a vegan diet and haven’t looked back. I feel so much healthier without animal products in my body. I fully believe this change played a huge role in the 25 or so pounds I lost in the first few months of 2017.

In a huge departure from my usual calendar, I only ran two races this year: a half marathon in April and a 25k in May. Although I was registered for the Chicago Marathon, I deferred my entry to 2018. As I had to make a decision on that race by the end of this November, I opted out of registering. The marathon is something I am not ruling out in the future. But, it’s not the distance for me right now and that’s okay. I am running a half marathon in April of 2018, and have an ambitious goal for that race. I’m also falling back in love with my yoga practice and don’t hate strength training these days.

Regular Content: Weekly Recaps and More

Starting after the first of the year, I intend to relaunch my weekly recap posts. While certainly not the most exciting content, it is good accountability for myself to know that what I’m doing is going out there for the world to read. I’m not the fastest runner or the most flexible yogini, but I hope to set an example that fitness is accessible to everyone. Previously, I strictly dedicated these posts to my workouts. Moving forward, I want to make them a bit more all-encompassing by also including meal ideas.

I still am undecided about if I will share my weight loss progress. In truth, I’m at a place where I feel comfortable with my weight. This might be the first time in my adult life that’s the case. In the same breath, I also would say that I wouldn’t be sad to lose a little more. More than anything, and what has me leaning towards including this in my weekly recaps, is that it comes back to accountability. I know that weight will be a lifelong battle for me, as for so many people. I hope to show that it doesn’t have to be a yo-yo journey, and that it’s possible to live a balanced life while still maintaining a healthy weight.

As an avid reader, I previously shared book reviews of almost every book I read. While I still read a lot of fiction, I want to discuss books specifically related to this space. Most books will relate to various health topics. I will also discuss some related to personal development, mental health and well-being, and more. I fully believe that our health is about more than just food and exercise. As such, I want to capture the holistic picture.

New Beginnings and Looking Ahead

In this new space, I want to create content that is of value in the health and wellness space. There is already so much noise and I don’t want to be just another voice. I want to help and inspire people in their journey, through the content I share here and on social media. I want to create health coaching and personal training programs that truly help people reach their goals and live healthier, happier lives. To start off 2018, I am so excited to share that I am finalizing the details of my first group coaching program that will kick off on January 1!

As I learn and research, I want to educate on topics like Vitamin B-12 for a vegan diet or the importance and how-to’s of foam rolling. What I love about nutrition, fitness, and wellness is that the possibilities are endless. I aim to create a community of like-minded individuals, striving towards similar goals. While I want to be a leader in this space, I know that each of our stories and journeys have value and we can learn from each other.

I am so excited to relight the fire in my belly for everything that this space entails. In the past ten years, I experienced firsthand how health and wellness can change a life. To have gone from overweight and unhappy to healthy and on fire for life feels like nothing short of a miracle in my own story. If I can help facilitate those kinds of changes for others, it would be nothing short of an honor.

What topics would you love to hear about in future posts? What questions can I answer for you?

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  • Mindy,
    I swear you are my soul sister from another mister. While you are much farther ahead on your health journey – I swear you are reading my mind.
    I’m super excited to continue following your journey, as you continue to inspire me to follow my path!

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