It’s Okay Not to Stay Healthy This Holiday

It’s Okay Not to Stay Healthy This Holiday

It’s the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, so my feeds are chock full of posts like “Healthy Recipes for Your Holiday Barbecue!” Without fail, this happens at every single holiday. Heck, it doesn’t even need to be a holiday! I get sick of reading posts every March about how to make a healthy shamrock shake. Hi, one shamrock shake or unicorn frappuccino will not kill you. Just limit it to one and you’ll be fine. But, it’s okay not to stay healthy this holiday weekend.

Here’s my thinking and I know it’s the exact opposite of what you’ll find on pretty much any other “healthy living” website. And, maybe what I’m about to say makes me a bad health coach and personal trainer, but I don’t really care. This all should be common sense, but I feel like the Internet tells us we need to do otherwise.

You get this one beautiful and precious life, so go out there and freaking live it! Don’t use a holiday weekend as an excuse to go completely off the deep end, but it’s okay to indulge at your Memorial Day cookout. Have a little macaroni salad and a piece of dessert and a beer (yes, all three!). Skip your workout. I promise, the world will go on. Sure, you’ll be a little bloated once it’s back to reality and there will probably be a higher number on the scale for a couple of days.

But, the world will go on. It really will.

The key is to use the holiday, be it Memorial Day or any other holiday, as just that. One day. Enjoy your day, indulge, and have fun. But, don’t use it as an excuse for a week of festivities. Because that’s when a week turns into two, which turns into a month. The snowball can (and does) happen.

One day, though? You’ll be fine. Don’t let the Internet guilt trip you into thinking otherwise.

If you want some balance, get in a great workout in the morning and then eat up at the cookout that afternoon. If you’d rather sleep in than sweat, that’s awesome and I don’t blame you! Skip the workout, but practice a bit of moderation when you’re eating. There’s an awesome middle ground.

By all means, though, if running a few miles before your cookout where you bring a healthy dish to pass is your jam, do that. That’s the beautiful thing about this world is that there’s room for everyone at the table.

However it is you want to approach this, or any holiday, you do you. Holiday weekends are made for memories, so get out there and create some.

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  • Love this blog post! I totally agree with you – I feel like you should eat what you want to on a holiday. I do still get in my workouts and runs, but I do not try to deny myself delicious holiday food – life is just too short for that!

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