October 2018 Goals

October 2018 Goals

Happy October! My summer loving heart is so sad to see my favorite season come to an end. As much as I love hot weather, some slightly cooler temperatures are okay since we’re still in that in between where I don’t have to completely layer. I can’t believe we’re already into the last quarter of the year. Since 2018 (and, much of 2017) were such a struggle, I feel like I’m making up for lost time these days! I know that’s not how it works and certainly not every day is unicorns and rainbows, but I do feel like I’m making progress. More on that for another day. But, for now, a look back at last month’s successes and this months’ goals!

September 2018 Recap

Despite setting goals sporadically, September was the first month in a long time that I set goals with a true intention of seeing them through.

  • Exercise 20 days. I fit in thirteen days, most of them being at Orangetheory. While not as many days as I was hoping for, I’m starting to see consistency and that was really the bigger purpose of the goal, so while I didn’t hit the number I wanted, I still see this as a win.
  • Finish 6 books. Yes! I finished seven books last month which is almost half of my 2018 total, currently at twenty. It’s safe to say I’m back in the reading habit and I’m so happy about it.
  • Pass my NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialization exam. Just in the nick of time, I took my exam on September 30 and passed with at 82 percent! I would have liked to see higher, but passing is passing. I submitted my payment this morning and am officially a certified personal trainer for another two years!
  • Write more than a couple blog posts. Yes! I am most proud of sharing my journey with depression and anxiety.
  • Stick to my budget, especially related to food. This was mostly a success. I did go slightly over budget on a couple line items, food being one of them. In the area of food, I am really proud of myself as I only went $6.89 over budget and most months it’s at least $100, usually more. I’m great at creating a budget, but not always so great at sticking to it.

October 2018 Goals

  • Exercise 18 days (approximately 4 times a week). For the last several weeks, my goal was 3-4 times a week, but for October, I want to consistently make it four.
  • Run the GRR Runway 5k. This is the second year of this race, but the first time I am running it – we run on a runway at the local airport! How fun. I’m looking forward to racing again and while I know I’m not in shape for a PR, I am excited to just get out there. One of my nieces is running with me, which makes me even more excited.
  • Design at least one workout. I want to make a more conscious effort to start growing my health coaching and personal training business. While one workout over the course of the month isn’t much, it’s a start.
  • Grow my Instagram and Facebook accounts. Goal setting strategies would say I should have an actual number for this, but I will just be happy with growth, period. Again, I just really want to start getting things going. So, I guess I would like to grow them by at least one follower each! I haven’t been as focused on growing my business as I should, and I’m ready to change that.
  • Finish 6 books. In effort to be more intentional about what I’m reading, I want to read one on history, one on health, and the others can be any category.
  • Stay under budget. I did so well with my budget last month that I want to continue the trend. Admittedly, the caveat to this is that my name is still in the drawing for Chicago Cubs postseason tickets, so if I get the chance to attend a game, I’m going. That will mess up my budget for October. But, YOLO. I love the Cubs and one of my teams is playing October baseball.
  • Keep up with my laundry. This is easily my least favorite household chore, especially with apartment living and shared facilities. As a result, I often let everything pile up until I am forced to do several loads. I want to create better habits with this task and keep my laundry basket from overflowing.

What is one of your goals for October? Leave a comment and let me know!

October 2018 Goals

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