The One Where Shalane Flannigan Teaches Me Everything She Knows

The One Where Shalane Flannigan Teaches Me Everything She Knows

On Saturday, Gazelle Sports (one of the running stores in Grand Rapids) brought in Shalane Flannigan an elite runner with a copious amount of records to her name.  Before she made the transition into marathoning, she ran a lot of shorter races, but has been taking the marathon world by storm in recent years.  Shalane lead a group run in the morning and did a couple autograph sessions.  The evening event was an hour long Q&A followed by an autograph session.

When it comes to finishing races and accomplishing goals…
appreciate the moment, but keep working toward the big goals.


On motivation…
it depends on the day; sometimes Shalane finds motivation in striving for personal excellence or thinking about her competitors, others it is wanting to wear cute new Nike clothes.

On goal setting…
Shalane believes in setting daily goals because small things add up to big things.

shalane flannigan 2

On mileage…
During the off-season, Shalane runs 80-90 miles a week but when she’s in training, it’s closer to 120 miles a week.  Before the London Olympics, she was running 125 miles a week for eight weeks straight.

To be a better runner…
Shalane’s cross training regiment includes a lot of swimming, body weight circuits, core work, and kettlebells. She also finds inspiration as she volunteers as a running coach.

When you have a bad race…
Remember that everyone goes through bad patches during races; it’s about talking yourself off the ledge. During the race, run the miles for someone else who has helped or inspired your training and journey. It’s okay to be irrational for a little bit after a bad race.

I was so pumped for the opportunity to meet one of my running idols!  I’ll never run as fast as Shalane, but her heart and dedication for the sport is incredibly inspiring.  She is working towards one more trip to the Olympics, running the marathon in Rio 2016, and I’ll be rooting for her along the journey!

me and shalane

Thanks for visiting us in Grand Rapids, Shalane!  More importantly, thanks for the extra motivation to keep working towards my own goals and dreams!

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