5 Reasons to Join a StepBet

5 Reasons to Join a StepBet

I am always on the lookout for ways to incentivize my health and fitness. I might be a health coach and personal trainer, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a little extra motivation! One of the recent things I’m obsessed with is betting on myself with StepBet games. The majority of the games are a $40 buy-in and last six weeks. In each game, players have an “active” goal to hit for four days a week, a “stretch” goal for two days, and one rest day. At the end of the game, the players who reach their all of their weekly goals split the pot (minus StepBet’s administrative cut of the pot). I’m a huge fan of the games and there a myriad of reasons why it’s worth joining.

5 Reasons to Join a StepBet

Custom Set Goals

One of the greatest things about StepBet, I think, is that goals are set based on your current activity levels. I use my FitBit to track my steps, so StepBet links to my FitBit dashboard. My active and stretch goals are based on my activity levels from the past few weeks. While the goals are achievable, they also force me to move a little more than I was before. The catch-22 in this is that with each consecutive game, your goals continue to increase. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it can sometimes begin to feel unachievable. During this marathon training season, my goals are getting pretty high as my miles increase!

Easy Money

The potential to win money in the games doesn’t motivate me quite as much as the possibility of losing what I paid into the pot. With that buy-in, I am committing myself financially and putting my money where my mouth is. If I don’t win a game, I might as well just throw $40 in the trash, because that is pretty much the exact thing I’m doing. That said, getting a few extra dollars back at the end of each game is a really nice perk. In most regular games, I earn around $4-5. While that doesn’t seem like much, I am literally making money for things I’m already doing.

Multiple Tracking Methods

While you cannot switch how your steps are counted in the middle of a game, users can connect with a variety of activity trackers, including wearables (FitBit) or your phone (Apple Health, Google Fit). So, most anyone who wants to play will have a supported tracker.

Membership = More Games, More Winnings

StepBet recently introduced a membership system! For an annual fee of $50, members can play in up to three games at a time, which just means more easy money! They also offer special “member only” games where they don’t take the administrative cut of the pot, so the final winnings are higher. Some of the member games include fun twists like the Active Accelerator with six active days a week, but your goal increases by 2% each week! There’s a member game I’m currently playing in where winners are on track to get a significant payout. With 2.5 weeks left to play on a $40 buy-in, the winnings are already over $55! Granted, this is one of those unique games in that we have no rest days for eight weeks. This game is particularly brutal, but it will be worth the final payout!

Weight Loss

While this is certainly no guarantee, I fully believe that consistently joining games has aided in my weight loss efforts thus far in 2017 (20+ pounds to date!). While my FitBit was motivating initially, after awhile the allure of hitting 10,000 steps fades. Which is true of any novelty, right? It’s fun at first, but the glitter wears off. Before long, the FitBit is more of an accessory, and not a very cute one at that. (Sorry not sorry, FitBit. I love your products, but they are not high in the style factor.) Even on days where my workout is something like yoga or swimming, the games force me to keep walking.

Have you played any StepBet games (or anything similar) to keep you motivated?

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