Training Tuesday: April 16, 2019

Training Tuesday: April 16, 2019

In hindsight, I think part of the reason I went MIA on writing these last few months started when I sat down to write my third Training Tuesday post for the year. I hadn’t done anything. Okay, maybe one Orangetheory class, but beyond that? Nothing. Here I am, supposedly with all these big racing goals for the year, and trying to start a thriving health coaching/personal training business. I felt like a healthy living fraud. So, I just didn’t write and that missed post turned into weeks of little physical activity and no writing.

Again, despite some audacious goals for 2019, I have not been nearly as active as I should be. By which, I mean, hardly at all. Last week, I forced myself off the couch and to start moving. Was it anything ground breaking? Not in the least. It was minimal at best. But, it was a start and that’s a (literal) step in the right direction. It’s humbling to be at what feels like square one, but it is my current reality. And, that’s okay. Relentless forward motion from here on out. While I didn’t do much last week, I’m here writing about it regardless. It’s a starting point and this is accountability, even if only to myself.

Monday: Off.

Tuesday: Off.

Wednesday: Off.

Thursday: 1 mile walk (17 minutes).

Friday: 1.86 mile walk (31 minutes).

Saturday: 1.53 mile walk (27 minutes).

Sunday: Off. Although, to meet my StepBet goals for the week, I did a lot of pacing around my apartment since it was completely miserable outside. Zero part of me wanted to be out in the cold, windy, sleet/snowy weather.

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