Training Tuesday: April 23, 2019

Training Tuesday: April 23, 2019

Last week marked my most consistent week of fitness in at least a year, and I am so proud of myself. We don’t celebrate ourselves enough, so I’m doing just that! While journaling the other day, I thought back to when I felt my fittest. Not surprisingly, it was also when I was the most consistent in my exercise. So, consistency is the name of the game right now!

Training Tuesday: April 23, 2019

Monday: Orangetheory (Power). The floor included some TRX jump squats and pull ups, which were hard on my knees. I found that I needed to really modify these exercises to take off some of the pressure. I did 1.56 miles on the treadmill earned 20 splat points which is one of my lowest days ever!

Tuesday: 1 mile walk. I planned on stopping at the gym, but I went to my niece’s soccer game after work which ran a lot longer than I anticipated. By the time I got home, I was hungry and tired. While this isn’t much, it’s certainly something!

Wednesday: Orangetheory (Endurance). We did a lot of push paces on the treadmill, increasing in time so that by the end, we were going for 3 minutes; I dropped my pace significantly by that last push pace. The core block on the floor was awesome – core is something I always want to work on, as hard as it feels! I covered 2.25 miles on the treadmill and earned 31 splat points.

Thursday: Orangetheory (ESP). This included a 1 mile run at a push pace on the treadmill and I was proud for maintaining a sub-10 minute pace. I really loved this workout, although it was quite challenging! The floor included a lot of lunges which are a weakness for me. I covered 2.25 miles on the tread and earned 39 splat points.

Friday: 2 mile walk. I was feeling pretty sore from the lunges the day before and wanted something simple.

Saturday: 3.1 mile run/walk (13:45 pace). I went back to basics and did the first Couch to 5k workout, completing their 30 minute as prescribed and walking the remainder of the 5k.

Sunday: 3.1 mile run/walk (12:46 pace). I had zero intention of running two days in a row, but with temperatures in the mid-70s, I couldn’t resist getting out for a few miles.

Image credit: Dina Cataldo

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