Training Tuesday: Week 1

Training Tuesday: Week 1

I have some pretty huge racing goals for this year and that’s going to mean being extraordinarily diligent in my training for the months ahead. That means it’s time for the return of the training logs! While my fitness efforts were minimal at best for much of last year, I am excited to get back into a regular routine and share what I’m up to on the blog. While these posts are in part for my own reference and accountability, if I can inspire others to move a little bit more, it’s worth the effort.

Ironically, the first week of 2019 was pretty minimal in terms of fitness. I was fighting a brutal case of the stomach flu during the first part of the week. The virus lingered for well over a week! Once I finally started feeling better, it was a matter of getting back my strength and energy, since I was able to eat very little while I was sick.

I’m not going to waste space noting the rest days this week. That’s what most of the week was, unfortunately. This update will only note what I actually did do. Going forward it will be a full week recap (and, actually posted on Training Tuesday.)

Wednesday: yoga (sweet heat, 60 minutes). This was more of a restorative flow with a lot of twists and it felt amazing.

Saturday: run/walk 2.35 miles (14:38 pace). It was a “warm” (for a Michigan winter) and sunny day, so I set out with an ambitious goal of 4 miles. I faded pretty quickly, realizing neither my strength or lungs were quite ready for that much. After about half a mile, I switched to at least 30 minutes of movement.

So, here’s to a very uneventful start of the year. I’m grateful that I got such a lingering virus out of the way this early into training. Onward and upward!

Are you training for any races in 2019?

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