Race Recap: Tulip Time Run 10k

This morning, I headed out to Holland, MI with Andi to do the Tulip Time Run 10k.

Pre-race fuel was sunflower seed butter toast with cinnamon chips.

We had some troubles getting to the starting line – first we couldn’t find a parking spot, then we got all turned around trying to find the starting line!  We made it though!  We ended up having plenty of time because they didn’t start until the last 5k finisher crossed the finish line.  Our race started about 15 minutes late.

Just as we were getting ready to cross the starting line, I realized my Garmin was still sitting at home!  Blast.  Racing without it definitely messed with my mind for the first couple of miles and I’m really not sure how it affected my ultimate time.

Mile 1:  I was feeling pretty great!  My legs were feeling a little tight, but I shook it out soon enough.

Mile 2: The general rule of thumb for dressing for a run is dress like it’s 20 degrees warmer than it actually is.  I didn’t do this and realized the error of my ways pretty early on.  I was definitely too warm.  The first water stop was just before the 2.0 mile marker; I wish it had been a little later.

Mile 3: My knee was acting up a bit, much like it did at the end of the National Half Marathon which started to worry me.  I spent a lot of time walking it out and trying to decide if I needed to stop or if I could keep going.  I decided to keep going and soon enough it stopped hurting.

Mile 4: I brought a Gu with me, not knowing if I would want or need it, but breakfast had been over two hours earlier and I needed something in me, so I took it and I’m glad I did!  I was losing steam.  At this point, I desperately wanted water and there was none to be found!

Mile 5: Soon after the 5.0 mile marker, there was finally another water stop!!  I really just wanted to finish at this point.  I was tired, overheated, and dehydrated.

Mile 6: Get me to the finish line!  Almost there, just keep going!!

Mile 0.2 nubbin: I put on my “power song” and gave it everything I had until the finish line.

My time was 1:10:14 (average pace of 11:19) which was about 5 minutes slower than I was hoping for, but given that I went into this feeling highly undertrained, I was happy with the results.  I came in 258th overall and 32nd in my division (it was a smaller race with only 288 runners).

I was surprised at how few spectators there were!  Beyond the course marshalls, there were very few people out along the route!  I really missed the cheering of the crowds and the energy that adds to race day!  It’s truly amazing how much that adds to the push to keep going.

Like any other race, music was a key factor for me!  I spend far too long getting just the right tunes together and I had a pretty good mix this time around.  I wanted songs that I could just have fun listening to and I think I got that.

After the race, Andi and I headed over to Russ’, a local restaurant chain, for some food.  I wanted carbs like it was nobody’s business!  I was thrilled with my choice of French toast.  Yum.

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