Race Recap: Tulip Time Run 5k

Race Recap: Tulip Time Run 5k

It was perfect timing when Heather, Laura, and Kelly put together a virtual 5k for this weekend, henceforth known as the Blend Practice 5k.  My runs the past couple weeks have been a struggle, so I had pretty low expectations going into the 5k I was registered for this weekend.  Knowing that I had friends around the country running a 5k along with me was so encouraging!

Yay for blends!  I was thinking of y’all throughout my 3.1 miles!  I was up bright and early to head out to Holland for the Tulip Time Run.  Once I got there and grabbed my bib, I was ready to get this show on the road – the sooner I finished, the sooner I could get my hands on some coffee!

I ran the 10k last year and I was excited to run a shorter different course this time around.  About 1,500 people participated in the 5k and the start line was complete and utter chaos!  Walkers and runners of all speeds were one big glob of people.

A group had these shirts with one of my favorite verses from Hebrews on the back.  “Let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”  It was a nice little morning/pre-race encouragement!

With the mess of people at the start line, I spent most of the first mile weaving around people.  It was a bit frustrating, to say the least!  There was one point I came to almost a complete stop!  After that first mile, things started to spread out a bit more which made it easier to keep a steady pace.  I forgot my Garmin at home, but it was kind of nice to run without having any idea where I was in terms of distance, but particularly for time.

Holland is a beautiful city, but the course goes by some of the most boring, unattractive parts of the city for a bit.  I would have loved to run by the water!

In the last mile, though, we get to see some of the tulips!  It is the Tulip Time Run, after all!  With the really hot temperatures we had back in March, a lot of the flowers bloomed already, but some held up pretty well!

The weather left something to be desired.  It was a bit chillier than I anticipated – I was really glad I grabbed a sweatshirt as I was heading out the door.  There was some spitting rain throughout the run too, but that’s far better than a full on downpour!

I had a pretty good playlist for today’s race.  Cheesy music without a doubt, but I love it!  The one song that I probably wouldn’t use again is “Here’s to Us” – great song, but it just didn’t work for me.

My final time was 31:05 – 44 out of 119 in my division!  I’ll take it!  I was secretly hoping to pull of a PR today (currently, it’s 29:34).  I think that had the crowds not been jam packed, I could have pulled it off.  Still, I am absolutely thrilled with that time – it’s a 10:01 average pace which is ridiculously huge for what I’ve been running lately!  Considering I even had two or three walking breaks in there as well, I am that much more happy about it!  The energy of races is just awesome and so helpful to push a little harder than I normally would.

On a related note, I’m so freaking proud of my friends Kayla and Christopher who ran their first MARATHON today!  Congratulations, friends – you’re both an inspiration!

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