Weekly Roundup: 10.19.19

Weekly Roundup: 10.19.19

I feel like this is the status quo lately, but this week was brutal! My day job kept me insanely busy and I started marathon training! I got so overwhelmed with all the unread articles on my feedly, some dating weeks old, that I marked everything as read and started fresh. On the bright side of all this, I am sleeping like a rock these days, which is not usually the case. The busy made for less reading time, but I still found some great stuff to share this week!


I feel very seen reading A Life of Wanting Thinness. These final sentences are so beautiful: “My body is a freight train and a peaceful river. It’s everything I want it to be, and when I can’t help but hear the ringing and the yearning to make it smaller, I have to let that be human too. Wanting thinness whispers and makes sound, but it doesn’t hush my grandeur.” 

According to one trainer, daily push-ups (when done correctly – watch your form!) are a great exercise to incorporate into your routine. I was on the plank-a-day bandwagon for awhile, but I just might convert! 

I wholeheartedly agree with this piece on the power of doing things alone

Two hours in nature each week can positively impact your health and well-being.

I’m adding these thai peanut cauliflower steaks to my “must make soon” file.

This nutrition benefit of having garlic and onion in recipes surprised me! 

Everyone should read this five minute financial master class. (On a personal note, I opened my first CD account this week and it made me feel like a damn adult.)

Stop hating on yourself and do one of these simple things instead. “Remember that you are the one that controls your thoughts and actions, and if you want to have a good day, well then you damn well should.”

This story about one woman’s cervical cancer scare is a must-read.

Use one of these breathing exercises to help chill the eff out.

I could take or leave cider in general, but this spiked apple cider sounds cozy for the fall months.

Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram and crashed the platform in the process.

Listening and Watching

Taylor Swift’s Tiny Desk Concert is easily my favorite thing on the Internet this week. I loved the stripped down version of “Death By A Thousand Cuts” and “All Too Well” completely slayed me.

Has anyone started watching Stumptown on ABC? I adore Cobie Smuthers (best known as Robin Scherbatsky on How I Met Your Mother) and am excited to see her back on the small screen. I enjoyed the first couple of episodes and look forward to see where the show goes.

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