Weekly Roundup: May 11, 2019

Weekly Roundup: May 11, 2019

On my old blog, I often did reading lists of the various things I read – and loved – from around the Internet during the week, often all over the board. I had such fun compiling those lists and want to bring back that series for awhile now that I’m in my new Internet home. Long overdue, but there’s no time like the present, my friends! This time around, though, I want to keep the reading lists a bit more focused on topics focused to my brand:  movement, joy, nutrition, and wellness.

But, borrowing from Rachel at Just Good Shit (and other bloggers who use a similar format), I want to use it as an opportunity to share other random things I’m loving and doing this week. While the reading list will, ideally, be the bulk of these posts, I’m re-framing it as a weekly roundup to capture the “other” stuff, too. I can’t wait to start sharing these fun weekly roundup posts again! So, without further ado, let’s go!


Steal Jillian Michaels’ Self Care Routine is a great insider look at the fitness legend. She includes some true self-care practices like meditation and self compassion.

“I do try to do things like meditate every day. But if I don’t, the world doesn’t end. It’s like you might eat something that isn’t super duper healthy and you might not get to the gym that day. But life is about balance…Beating yourself up about not being perfect is the absolute wrong way to go.”

I am a huge advocate for therapy and Jessie shared her 5 Reasons Therapy is Worth Your Time (and Money). Co-signed.

Did you know May is Mental Health Awareness Month? The Oprah Magazine shared 10 books to read for a better understanding of mental illnesses.

Instagram, in partnership with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, launched the #RealConvo campaign. The campaign “encourages people to use the hashtag to share their own personal mental health experiences and speak more openly about their struggles.”

This plank-centric workout makes my core hurt just reading it, but I’m definitely adding it to my at home routine.

New research, as reported in The New York Times, is adding to evidence that exercise – even after a single workout – may improve our brain function, including memory.

This history of folic acid – and the bad ass woman who discovered it – was fascinating.


On This May Be OversharingTheodora is Back From Hiatus with a solo episode on her experience at at inpatient mental health treatment facility. It’s raw and powerful.

On last week’s Hysteria, they discussed being alone, covering everything from travel to being alone with your thoughts. As an introverted woman in my mid-30s who spends a lot of time alone, it was interesting to hear their thoughts.


I’m watching the first season of The Bold Type on Hulu after I heard an interview on NPR with the three lead actresses. I instantly fell in love with the show, particularly the main characters. They are strong, empowered young women in the early stages of their careers. This show hits on some timely and important topics.

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